Monday, March 25, 2013


       Two Sundays ago I went out with a flawed plan to do 100 miles.  The problem with that plan started on Friday night with bacon wrapped tater tots and beers, continued on Saturday night with fried chicken and more beer.  So at mile 70 last weekend I hit "the wall" and limped home then drove to Mcdonalds for a quarter pounder with cheese.  Just writing that paragraph makes me think heart attack.

        This Sunday I was far more prepared. I kept the beers within reason and the food more nutritious.  I had envisioned a loop close to home that would piece together some of the gravel roads I know, which ended up being 27ish miles.  I did a lap around it with Jay first then we split up and I headed north around Lake Geneva then did a second lap of the gravel loop.  I ended up with 96 miles then rode around the block a few times just to click over the hundred.

       The bike is really coming together now and the more I ride it the happier I am with it.  Its been on my mind since I signed up for Trans Iowa, how will I get a bike that I can ride 320 miles of gravel and dirt roads?  The bike I have concocted will not be the fastest or most efficient but it is set up to be comfortable and dependable.  She now has a name... "Marie" The Salsa Mariachi.



  1. 100 miles, wow. Some day I'm going to run that distance! Tell me how to subscribe to your blog so I know when you post something, I just saw this today.

  2. Ooh never mind, I figured it out! I had to go to my profile to add your blog, I was trying to do it from your blog. Okay, all good. :)