Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Last chance

Went out tonight for a ride before the predicted snow storm tomorrow. I took the mariachi, and did my usual loop from home.  While tracking the ride on strava I posted a 2nd best time tonight for a 1.2 mile stretch of gravel road, I was pretty pumped about that.  The first best time was only 12 seconds better and was on my road bike with help from the wind, so I was really excited to get within the same time zone on the mountain bike.

Christina gave me an early Christmas present today, a nice set of bib tights for cold weather riding.  I am thinking of trying them out tomorrow during the middle of the snow storm, or Friday night.  Then a ride Saturday morning with the wheel werks crew.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Still Riding...

Just wanted to share some pictures from riding this week. After work in the dark usually, but Sunday I left work at 1pm and got to ride in the daylight.  Put 35 miles in on the mariachi down the kettle moraine area roads. I didn't plan a route but wanted to hit a couple strava segments, then just wing it from there. If you follow that link you can view the route, and follow me if you would like. I just started using strava again in the last couple weeks.
This is the elevation plot from a run I did Friday night, I ran up and down the sledding hill at the park.  I laughed when I saw it because it looks like I was running across a saw blade.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Cold, Wet, Miserable and Perfect

I wasn't the only goofball out in the cold rain, that black dot in the lake is a couple dedicated fisherman.

I checked the weather before I left and for some reason I didn't believe the 90% chance of rain/snow mix.  Either I was being optimistic and hoping for the 10% chance of clear skies or I just didn't want to wear rain gear.  Either way I was under dressed.  I made it to Lake Geneva pretty dry, just a wet butt from the rear tire spray, then it switched from light drizzle to a pretty good rain. I was warm enough through the hilly sections on Snake Rd.  The puddles inside my shoes were warmed by my feet so it wasn't to bad.  Then its mostly down hill to Williams Bay and thats when it got cold.  I was soaked through in 35 degree weather and riding down hill at 25ish mph.  

I wanted so badly to call Christina and have her pick me up.  I was imagining loading the bike in the back and turning the heat in the truck on full blast.  I couldn't do it though, I just kept riding.  I'm glad I did because it felt good to make it home on my own. As Jay would say, its time to "Harden Up."  Today showed me I need to learn to dress better, and start putting more miles in.

This weather is for the ducks!

I'm still contemplating bikes for Trans Iowa. It feels like I'm working pretty hard on the mariachi, and I would like drop bars.  I can put drop bars on the mariachi, but then I'd also like a rigid fork.  Which can be done as well but as long as I'm doing that my brakes are way overkill for gravel riding.  And the list goes on and on.  Its a mountain bike and I love it in the woods which is where it belongs.  So now I'm thinking cyclocross bike, and there have been some pretty nice used bikes going on ebay.  There is a surly cross check with fenders right now that has my eye but I think the seller is a little high on his price.  Thankfully I still have time to think about it.

A nice smooth gravel road outside Harvard

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Another Sunset Ride

Over looking Harvard, From the top of the sled hill
I am still wishing for more daylight hours, but enjoying the abnormally warm weather we are having.  Thanks global warming!  Just keeping a steady ride schedule of Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday.  I will probably keep that going till the Jan-Feb then start ramping it up for TI.