Sunday, November 29, 2015

Hugh Jass Fat bike race #1 at Minooka

The Hugh Jass fat bike Series put on by Wheel and Sprocket and Badger Bikes started off last weekend.  It was an extremely well run event, and definitely offered some "twists" from typical bike racing. 

I think the biggest twist was the hammerschlagen. In between each lap you had to hammer a nail into a board in order to pass go and begin your next lap.  I had a hard time with this, it was almost like a duathlon, just when you get done climbing this giant hill you turn and sprint to the bottom then hammer a nail. It was a challenge and made things interesting.

My dude and I getting ready for the start


Unfortunately last weeks snow melted with some rain during the week and left the single track a mess. So the course was made up of entirely cross country ski trail. This time of year that is just the way it goes.  That makes a course that favors someone who is in good shape and can turn a big chainring. 

Currently I am not that person...  Spent too much time drinking beers and hunting deer, instead of grinding gears the last couple months.  So my plan was to start hard, hold on to the top guys as long as possible, then back off  and save some for the end.  

Everything went to plan, I got a really good start. Hung out with the lead 3 guys for a lap or two then backed off.  When I backed off two guys got by, but I was able to get one back on the last lap for 5th overall.

Like I said earlier, it was obvious that the promoters of this series really wants it to succeed.  I was really impressed with the prizes, the turn out, the smooth registration, the timely results, the free beer, and the not so typical bike race routine.

Friday, November 20, 2015

It's Fall!

That means many things are going on.  Another one of my hobbies have come back into season, deer hunting. Man, I love that... it is like a game of chess, except your opponent spends its entire life avoiding you. Those deer are smart creatures no doubt.

Combine that with some prime scenery for riding bikes, add in some trips to the pumpkin patches and apple orchards with the kids and before you know it... I haven't written a blog in months!

This is my favorite time of year, spring can be sloppy, summer hot and winter cold. Fall brings cooler temps, changing leaves, and the motivation to get outside before winter comes.

So while I am short on time, I am not short on fresh air and good times.

Get out and have fun!


Snow is here now...