Monday, March 25, 2013


       Two Sundays ago I went out with a flawed plan to do 100 miles.  The problem with that plan started on Friday night with bacon wrapped tater tots and beers, continued on Saturday night with fried chicken and more beer.  So at mile 70 last weekend I hit "the wall" and limped home then drove to Mcdonalds for a quarter pounder with cheese.  Just writing that paragraph makes me think heart attack.

        This Sunday I was far more prepared. I kept the beers within reason and the food more nutritious.  I had envisioned a loop close to home that would piece together some of the gravel roads I know, which ended up being 27ish miles.  I did a lap around it with Jay first then we split up and I headed north around Lake Geneva then did a second lap of the gravel loop.  I ended up with 96 miles then rode around the block a few times just to click over the hundred.

       The bike is really coming together now and the more I ride it the happier I am with it.  Its been on my mind since I signed up for Trans Iowa, how will I get a bike that I can ride 320 miles of gravel and dirt roads?  The bike I have concocted will not be the fastest or most efficient but it is set up to be comfortable and dependable.  She now has a name... "Marie" The Salsa Mariachi.


Sunday, March 17, 2013

St. Patrick's Weekend

Saturday night I went out and rode around Lake Geneva. It was a chilly but nice ride.  I was motivated by Strava, someone stole my KOM on one of the climbs near LG so I had to go redeem myself. I pushed pretty hard, but my legs felt a sluggish so I figured I didn't get the KOM back, but when I checked the time I beat him by 1 second. Sweet.

Right it in the middle of this picture you can see 8 deer in the middle of the field.

Jay Barre took a group of six out to Lake Geneva for a ride.  Once we got there, 3 split off on there own way.  Jay, Ari, and I went on around the lake then back to Woodstock.  Ari left to go to work, and jay and I went back out to ride in the Bull Valley area.  Those last two hills at the 70 mile mark nearly killed me and I had to send Jay on his way.  I ended up with 77 miles, and Jay came back with 101.  What a beast on a single speed.

I needed food bad, and even though it seems backwards to eat crap food after a ride, the quarter pounder with cheese was calling my name.  Strava says I burned 2600 calories, not to worry I put 1100 back in with a burger and fries.

The rest was refueled with green beer and corned beef.

What a great ride, Thanks Jay.


P.S. sorry about the half eaten banana on your counter.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Maximum Destruction

       My legs feel like that camper.  Maximum Destruction has begun, I just hope its not to little to late.  I am on track for 800 miles on the bike this month, and I still think 1000 is possible.  45 Days till trans iowa!  I am excited.  Today was a day of rest after 130 miles last weekend, plus rides Monday and Tuesday.  Sunday I rode with some fast guys, and they really showed me how much I've been slacking while riding alone.  It was nice to have company during the 60+ rain ride.  When I got home I stuffed my face and took a nap.

      I feel like I'm doing the right things.  My leg muscles hurt bad, but in a good way, not an injured way.  I am planning a ride in Iowa for next weekend.  I also have a lot of miles planned for Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday of this week.  I like the idea of linking the rides together like that, it gives a small amount of time for healing but not enough to get the legs feeling 100% again.  I want to keep them sore, I think that will be the best for 320 miles of gravel and dirt roads. 

Keep pushing,

Sunday, March 3, 2013

My March Madness Begins

My goal is 800 miles in March, but I am shooting for 1000.  I started by getting on the road at 5 on Saturday  and putting in 51 miles.  I wanted to practice getting up and riding in the dark.  Then Today (Sunday) I put in another 64, so 115 for the weekend.

Saturday took me around Lake Geneva then over to Delevan and then back home.

All the sand and salt from the road had my bike in need of a bath.

It aint Iowa but it aint easy either.

I didn't have a set direction on Sunday, and I ended up finding some nice roads on a long ride.

The bike path was closed, but its ok. Rails to trails are boring anyway.

My legs feel pretty torn after two longer rides in a row like that, but its good for them.  In 8 weeks for Trans Iowa I will need weekends like this to feel easy.  After spending so much time on the trainer the last couple months, my upper body and core got a wake up call this weekend.  

They are calling for snow again this week, I hope they are bluffing.  I would really like to get out to Iowa one of these weekends, but I'd rather wait till the snow is gone from their gravel roads.  Soon though.

Looking forward to more miles
- David