Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Maximum Destruction

       My legs feel like that camper.  Maximum Destruction has begun, I just hope its not to little to late.  I am on track for 800 miles on the bike this month, and I still think 1000 is possible.  45 Days till trans iowa!  I am excited.  Today was a day of rest after 130 miles last weekend, plus rides Monday and Tuesday.  Sunday I rode with some fast guys, and they really showed me how much I've been slacking while riding alone.  It was nice to have company during the 60+ rain ride.  When I got home I stuffed my face and took a nap.

      I feel like I'm doing the right things.  My leg muscles hurt bad, but in a good way, not an injured way.  I am planning a ride in Iowa for next weekend.  I also have a lot of miles planned for Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday of this week.  I like the idea of linking the rides together like that, it gives a small amount of time for healing but not enough to get the legs feeling 100% again.  I want to keep them sore, I think that will be the best for 320 miles of gravel and dirt roads. 

Keep pushing,

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