Sunday, March 3, 2013

My March Madness Begins

My goal is 800 miles in March, but I am shooting for 1000.  I started by getting on the road at 5 on Saturday  and putting in 51 miles.  I wanted to practice getting up and riding in the dark.  Then Today (Sunday) I put in another 64, so 115 for the weekend.

Saturday took me around Lake Geneva then over to Delevan and then back home.

All the sand and salt from the road had my bike in need of a bath.

It aint Iowa but it aint easy either.

I didn't have a set direction on Sunday, and I ended up finding some nice roads on a long ride.

The bike path was closed, but its ok. Rails to trails are boring anyway.

My legs feel pretty torn after two longer rides in a row like that, but its good for them.  In 8 weeks for Trans Iowa I will need weekends like this to feel easy.  After spending so much time on the trainer the last couple months, my upper body and core got a wake up call this weekend.  

They are calling for snow again this week, I hope they are bluffing.  I would really like to get out to Iowa one of these weekends, but I'd rather wait till the snow is gone from their gravel roads.  Soon though.

Looking forward to more miles
- David

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