Sunday, February 24, 2013

February Activities

With all the snow earlier this month I decided to dust off the cross country skis, no bikes allowed on this trail.

The skiing partners, they make it more of a bobsled race than a workout.  

The kettle moraine trails don't allow anything other than skiing when there is snow on the ground.  This makes for perfect grooves.  They even have separate lanes for skate skiers and classic skiers.

These trails get busy!

     I'm currently at 300 miles for the month with 4 days left. It will be unlikely that I reach my goal of 400, but I'm ok with that because I spent so much time on the skis instead of the bike.  My miles are low but my hours of activity double from last month.  I'm looking forward to March, shooting for 800 miles.  Weather today was perfect so hopefully that is a sign of warmer things coming.


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