Sunday, March 17, 2013

St. Patrick's Weekend

Saturday night I went out and rode around Lake Geneva. It was a chilly but nice ride.  I was motivated by Strava, someone stole my KOM on one of the climbs near LG so I had to go redeem myself. I pushed pretty hard, but my legs felt a sluggish so I figured I didn't get the KOM back, but when I checked the time I beat him by 1 second. Sweet.

Right it in the middle of this picture you can see 8 deer in the middle of the field.

Jay Barre took a group of six out to Lake Geneva for a ride.  Once we got there, 3 split off on there own way.  Jay, Ari, and I went on around the lake then back to Woodstock.  Ari left to go to work, and jay and I went back out to ride in the Bull Valley area.  Those last two hills at the 70 mile mark nearly killed me and I had to send Jay on his way.  I ended up with 77 miles, and Jay came back with 101.  What a beast on a single speed.

I needed food bad, and even though it seems backwards to eat crap food after a ride, the quarter pounder with cheese was calling my name.  Strava says I burned 2600 calories, not to worry I put 1100 back in with a burger and fries.

The rest was refueled with green beer and corned beef.

What a great ride, Thanks Jay.


P.S. sorry about the half eaten banana on your counter.


  1. Your blog is better than mine! *Pout* I ordered a GoPro, so as soon as I get it and the chest harness in I'll start taking pictures and stuff. I know you told Mike my blog was boring. :) Compared to yours it probably is.

    1. Ha I didn't say it was boring, I just said the go pro will make it cooler. Thanks for checking!
      I really enjoy my bike rides, and converting them to words is a challenge. So if someone enjoys my stories that makes me happy.