Sunday, April 7, 2013

3 weeks left

     Trans Iowa is less than 3 weeks away, and I'm feeling good.  The bike seat is becoming a pain in my ass, but I suppose that comes with the miles.  My goal for March was 800 miles and I ended up with 840.  I started off April this week with 246 miles, that included commutes to work, a 100 mile ride and a 3 mile run.

For some reason when I'm biking to work the sunrise looks awesome, but I never notice it in my car.

This well is always flowing and people are often filling gallon jugs from it.  It tastes like normal water to me.

Harry on the attack.

Saturday morning I got out early and rode over to Crystal Lake to see if anyone was heading out for the group ride from Wheel Werks at 8am.  Turns out Bryce and Harry were there and ready to go.  They started off strong, at one point I looked down on a flat section of road and saw we were cruising along at 28 mph.  My mountain bike tires were howling like super swampers on a 4x4. 

The flags were flying strong.
Luckily once we turned and started heading into the wind they turned it down a couple notches and I was back in my comfortable heart rate again.  The wind was brutal, but luckily I started the ride heading into the wind so when I circled around and started heading home I had smooth sailing. 

Swanson Rd., I wonder if its related to the chicken broth.

The angry Silo.

After the 100 miles on Saturday I didn't really feel like riding Sunday.  So I went for a little run.  It was a nice change of motion and with the warm temps I enjoyed it. One more week of torture and then taper off for two weeks.  Cant wait.


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