Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Trans Iowa V.9 was a success

A full and detailed post regarding the race report for trans iowa is soon to come.  Yesterday the car had a flat tire and today the fridge stopped working, but you know what? I'll take it after all the good luck I had this weekend.  What a great race and fun time.  I ended up finishing 6th overall 3rd open male.  I rode with some insanely tough riders, had perfect weather, and no mechanical issues.

I packed a bunch of stuff with me that I didn't even use, in fact most of it I forgot I had.  At night I got so cold and hungry not realizing until today when I unpacked my camel pack that I had handwarmers and cliff bars stuffed inside. If I only knew...

I will draw from those memories for years.  There were times while training for this event that I wanted to drop out even before the race started, but once I was in the race quitting never once crossed my mind.  No matter how bad it hurt or how slow I was going, I knew I was going to finish or die trying.  I didn't care if I finished last as long as I finished.

To end up placing so well and being competitive was a great bonus!

More to come,

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