Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Start packin

I'm getting everything packed for Trans Iowa, only a few days away.  It sure is tough trying to decide what I will need while spending 30+ hours on a bicycle.

Checking the water packs for leaks.

Sunrise on Saturday is 6:15 Sunset is 8:00.  With those times, I will be spending 12 hours in the dark between Saturday morning and night.  I am double checking the run times on my lights.  There are no outlets to charge batteries in the middle of farm road iowa!

Seems like I am forgetting something...

The bike is ready.

Evan doing the final bolt check. 

Power cell to charge bike computer.  It can also hook up to my headlight and cell phone if those run out of batteries.

What a difference a few days makes.  Sunday I posted how calm and not worried I was, and today I'm really starting to get anxious.  I'm just ready to get this race started!


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