Sunday, November 25, 2012

         Trans Iowa is still 5 months away but I am already enjoying the endless thoughts of bike setup, game plan, and what to pack. I have a feeling that I will think of all these things all the way till I am at the starting line and going through my frame bag to make sure I have everything. I put some miles on the Mariachi this weekend, not as many as I had planned, but a good amount.  I like the way it rides, it is familiar and comfortable, but tall as a road bike.  I feel like a brick wall when I am heading into the wind, I also wish i had drop bars simply for more hand positions.  I am going to try flipping the handlebar stem to lower my upper body and see if I am still comfortable with that.

   As I said before I was visiting family in southern IL this weekend, and they live in a very hilly area. It is near the "little grand canyon" and has many scenic over looks and plenty of heart pounding climbs.  I was taking it pretty easy on my rides this weekend because family time seemed to be higher on the important list, but still it was in the back of my mind the whole time.

 A couple photos from the Shawnee National Forest near Alto Pass, IL.  Just head down boat dock road, and the trail is on your left. There is no sign, but it is listed as a "multi use trail" so watch for horses and hunters.  Its a very nice trail, the rocks had me wishing I left my regular 29ers on.

Headed back.
Either this farmer like to color match his horses and cows, or they are related somehow.

I wish we had bike paths like this at home.

This is what kids do for fun when they skip Sunday School. Religious Grafity.  I also recorded a short video on some of the trails of the shawnee forest, but for some reason it won't upload.  I will work on that and hopefully post the video. 

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