Sunday, December 31, 2017

45nrth studs vs Terrene Low rolling resistance studs

I got a set of Bontrager Gnarwhal tires for my fat bike, but the Bontrager studs were out of stock. So I ordered some 45nrth concave studs and some Terrene Low Rolling Resistance Studs.

Terrene left, 45nrth Right
Both studs installed easily with the Bontrager Stud tool. The two types are only .020" difference in height but in the tire its a noticeable difference.
5.9mm (.230") Tall

5.4 mm (.210") Tall

I like the "tripletraction" profile of the Terrene studs, the sharp edges should dig into the ice better than the 45nrth. The only issue there would be durability, I feel like a sharp edge will wear quicker than the concave shape of the 45nrth. That will tell with time.

I ended up setting the tires up with the terrene studs down the center rows for lower rolling resistance and the taller studs  on the outside rows to dig in on corners. The trails are snow covered right now so studs really aren't really necessary. I'm sure we will get a thaw soon and everything will re-freeze and I will get to test the setup. 

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