Saturday, July 21, 2018

Levis Snow

I was just going through my blog and found this unfinished post from winter. It was the day that Jeff and I went up to Levis Mound.

I looked at the forecast before we left and the high temp for the day was going to be 6 degrees F. I texted Jeff hoping he would want to bail on the plan and ride around home instead. He's a trooper though and made sure that we absolutely were not wussing out on this. 

I am glad we went because the cold was manageable and the ride was awesome.

The trail head has a heated shelter and bathrooms. That allowed us to change in comfort, go out for a loop, and come back to warm up before heading back out.

The snow was in great shape with some fluffy on top and a solid base below. We rode for awhile then went into town for some lunch in Hatfield, WI at the bar/gas station. 

Then back to the trails!

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