Thursday, May 16, 2013

Nice Warm Weather!

This rocky, rooty, and washed out hill used to be impossible two years ago, now its easy.  Does that mean I need a single speed?

The cold has finally broken and I have been enjoying it!  I haven't made any new blog posts lately because I've been out riding instead of writing.  I had to skip out on the first WEMS race because my legs were still pretty fried.  The next round is June 8th at Stump Farm in Suamico, WI, and I plan on attending.  I'm really looking forward to the WEMS series this year especially the Southern Kettles race, because that is where I do much of my training.

I may also be doing the Gravel Metric in Dekalb, IL in a couple weeks.  After that is my annual tradition the Harvard Milk Run.  Also the Run For Randy in Spring Grove, IL.  

Summer is here and its getting busy, FINALLY!

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