Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cold night

Windchill of -11 degrees
From a couple weeks ago when it was warmer.

I went out and rode some of the bike paths around work tonight. I don't really know where all the paths are, but I know they are there because I have seen some highlighted on Google Maps.  I was able to find two of them though just by riding along.  One was plowed the other was drifted over pretty bad.  I actually preferred the drifted one though because the plowed one had some icy spots that were pretty slick.

I went to Wheel Werks Bikes yesterday before school to get some bike setup questions answered for Trans Iowa.  I also needed a new rear blinking light as my old one tanked.  I got the planet bike super flash turbo and as you can see in the picture up top it is almost as bright as my headlight.  Its claimed to have a 100 hr run time and as of right now those two lights plus a helmet light will be my trans iowa light setup.

Looking forward to some long miles this weekend and hoping it will warm up a bit!


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