Friday, September 23, 2016

10 speed to 11 speed hub conversion

So a separated shoulder has provided me with some spare time to dick around. The project? Convert the 10 speed rear wheel off my All City to an 11 speed wheel I can use on the new Cannondale.

The uncoated metal next to the spokes is the material I removed to fit the 11speed.
I disassembled the hub and removed the freewheel so that I could machine it on a lathe to fit the 11 speed cassette. Once I had the freewheel off the hub I could machine off .070" to fit the extra gear.

The finished project
All put back together I didn't even need to adjust the shifter cable. This will be my training wheel during cyclocross season. I did run into a small snag with my disc brake rotor being 160mm and the cannondale is set up for 140mm, so I will need to get a new rotor. Once I get the new rotor I will be able to swap between my race wheel and my trainer wheel with no issues.

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