Monday, June 20, 2016

2016 WORS Mt Morris

SS Gearing 34x18
21st Overall (pro/cat1), 2nd age group

I took the family with this week.  We got signed in and I showed Evan the kids course, he didn't stop riding all day. I had to stop him because his race was about to start. He had a great time. 

My race went really well too. I was concerned about gearing because there were some really tough climbs, but there was also a long section of fast open woods.  It ended up being the perfect compromise. I was suffering pretty bad on the climbs and still able to keep up in the open stuff.

Mt. Morris had some really technical and rocky descents, by the end of the race I was really beat up. I am writing this a week later, and my abs are still in bad shape. The low cadence long climbs really tore me up, then the fast rocky descents hammered it home.

The nice thing about running single speed is that no matter how bad you hurt, you can't shift down and go easy. So I just kept digging and ended up improving on last weeks result.

Top 20 isn't too far away now, the next round is in Eau Claire, WI. I have not decided if I will be making the drive up there yet.

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