Monday, June 20, 2016

2016 WORS Cam rock

SS gearing 34x18
23rd overall (Pro/Cat1), 3rd in age group

It had been quite some time since I had raced a Wors race, and I had some doubts if I belonged with the Cat 1's. I placed really well in Cat2 a couple years ago and decided to move up, and hadn't raced wors since. 

So it was nice to get out and run a good race, and get a solid mid pack result. It wasn't an amazing result, but it showed me I was in the correct group.  I have some room to improve, the goal is top 20 by the end of the year.

The race starts off with about 60 riders at the bottom of a big hill, everyone pushes hard to try and get into the woods. I have been bitten by this setup in the past, when you push way to hard and get out front then end up blowing up half way through the first lap. So I pushed hard but didn't kill myself.

I was happy with how things were going on the first lap, I wasn't getting dropped on the open sections and I was killing it in the single track. The SS rigid El mariachi is such a solid platform in the tight stuff. The 26lb single speed definitely has its disadvantages, but the woods is not that place.

On the second lap, I passed a geared bike and he was complaining when I spun out on the next open section. So I hit the nitrous button and pushed really hard, by the end of the second lap I was hurting pretty bad and had to take the 3rd lap pretty conservatively. On the 4th lap it came back and I was able to push again. I passed 6 guys on the last lap, and rolled into the finish chute. 

I was pretty pumped with how the day went.

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