Sunday, March 2, 2014

March came in like a Lion

Snow storm and a cold front came in for March 1st, one can only hope March goes out like a Lamb.

The riding cannot wait for the weather, if its March its time to get moving.

Today's ride started out at 2 degrees and an 11 mile loop and back at the house to warm up.  Followed by a ride over to the hills of Bull Valley. 

Valley Hill Rd

After that I warmed up again at the bike shop and sampled some power bar fruit snacks that were awesome.

I then rode out and got lost in the subdivided yuppyville of Lakewood.

It was then 2.5 hours of headwinds back home, interrupted by a stop at a gas station for some coffee and 4 reeses.

Some roads were better than others.

Made it home before sunset.

Thursday night the El Mar was spit shined

Today it looks like this.
I wanted to start March off with a century but in the end only got 80 miles.  The cold was to much, but I'm still ahead of last year.  My first failed century attempt last year was March 17, so I'll take it.  Next weekend looks warmer.


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