Sunday, March 16, 2014

Harvard to Lake Michigan

Saturday morning I woke up and made some cue sheets to put in a long day.  After looking over google maps for a bit, decided I would head over to Lake Michigan.  The route turned out awesome, the only traffic I encountered was the 4 lane in Pleasant Prairie, WI.  I had to take that road in order to hop over 94, and it ended up having a big shoulder so it was painless.

Smoke stacks heading toward Lake Michigan

I fought the wind on the way there, and sailed with it on the way back.

It ended up being a really nice day.

The spring thaw and flooding is here.

I ended up with 113 miles on the day.  I was hoping to do it without any gas station support, but didn't bring enough water, so I had to stop for that.  I did bring enough food though and that is good knowledge for the long rides to come.  If I had a third bottle I could have made it happen non stop.


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