Sunday, July 7, 2013

Wisconsin Endurance Mountain Bike Series Bear Paw 10 hour

We  got up to White Lake, WI a little after lunch time on Friday, and set up camp.  One of the friendly camp workers recommended we walk down and check out the river.

So we did... we didn't realize it was about 2.5 miles away though.  It was a fun hike, but we weren't prepared for 3 hours of hiking and should have brought water and snacks.  Evan loved skipping rocks in the Wolf River.

Christina practiced her camera skills
The kayaks in a tree to remember a tornado that went through the area.

After dinner I went out and pre-rode the course.  It was a really nice trail, lots of rocks and technical sections, separated by wider 4-wheeler sized trails that would make passing easy.
random bike in the woods

The little building in the middle of this picture is the campground.  I took this picture from the highest point on the trail, it took about 15 minutes of climbing to get here.  Then the down hill that follows gets us back to camp within a couple minutes.  My GPS said my top speed was 29.6 mph on this down hill, the trial was wide enough that if you drove a small car up it you would probably scratch both sides of the car.  This was my favorite part of the course.

After the pre-ride, I came back showered and hung out by the fire.  There were a couple fiddle players, a guy with a guitar, and a lady singing.  Good Stuff.

Morning came

Coffee was brewed

Then it was race time.

I got off to a good start, Chris Schotz and I finished the first lap in under 30 minutes, things were going good.  Then something happened around the 2-3 hour point and I am still not sure what my problem was but I bonked hard, Gatorade and water weren't working, I was to sick to eat anything, I couldn't concentrate.  I was really having a hard time, I came into the pits and told Christina I was done, I couldn't ride anymore.  I sat down took some IBprofin and a pepsi.  I watched third place go by, then 4th place, then 5th place, and finally Christina said go try one more lap.  I went back out slowly and the leader caught up to me and lapped me.

Then something clicked I stayed right with Chris, the leader and started to feel way better.  I passed back for 4th, then caught up to 3rd and passed him.  I got back to the pits, grabbed some fresh bottles and saw 2nd taking a break. So I guess I wasn't the only one having a hard time with the heat.  That made me feel even better, in one lap I went from broken and beaten to strong and in second place.  I eventually passed the leader to get back on the lead lap.  

Randy Wagner was not going to let me have second place easily though, I passed him around the 4 hour point he got me back at 5 hours.  6-7 hours in I got him back and finally made it stick, he was never very far behind but I had a small gap between us.

So that's how we ended up, Chris, me, Randy.  It will be a tough points battle for the championship this year.  

As for me I'm looking forward to going to work for some relaxation after this active 4th of July!  Thanks Christina for your constant support and thanks to Wheel Werks Bikes.


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