Monday, June 24, 2013

postponed due to rain

scattered thunderstorms predicted.

Anyone lose a spare tire, in the middle of this bridge?

This bar is less than a block away from the steepest climb I have found in the area.  Coincidence? I think not. 

These climbs look a lot bigger in person.

Followed some "rustic roads" outside Lake Geneva.

Dinosaur in Wisconsin? Lucky I have a bow and arrow!
          The WEMS race for this weekend got post-poned due to rain, which kind of worked out because I was really busy anyway.  Put in 100 miles on Saturday plus dinner.  Sunday got up early went mountain biking in the morning and met up with Brian for some archery practice.  We shot home made sea monsters, mosquitoes, pandas, and a big foot.  Saturday was a road bike ride out north east of Lake Geneva, which has some really nice roads I have never been down.  I got lost a couple times, in fact I was sure I was headed east until I came up on rt 173 and realized I was actually headed south.  I ended up in Hebron before I figured out where I was, no biggy, keep on truckin!  It was a busy but fun weekend.

Then Grandpa surprised Evan with a new bike...  Ev hasn't put it down since!


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