Monday, February 1, 2016

Hugh Jass #5 report

Last weekend I went to the 5th race in the Hugh Jass Fat bike series, at Minooka park in Waukesha, WI. I have found that in these short races bike setup is crucial. So I made sure to get up there early and see what the snow was like. 

Tire choice and tire pressure are so important. Too much air and your sliding out of corners, to little and you are wasting energy. The type of snow makes for constant worry on what to run. 

Leading up to this race we had some warm days, which thawed the top layers of snow and overnight that froze into a sheet of ice on top. So during practice I was thankful I decided to run studs. Once the sun came out during the race though everything started to turn to mush and by the last lap I would have probably been better off with my regular tire with more knobs for the slush. Its always a toss up, but it worked out for me anyway as I ended up taking the third spot on the podium.

Sunday morning I got out in the warmer than average temps for a short ride. I was lucky enough to find a koozie on the road. Usually road treasures aren't to exciting but I was pretty pumped about this one!

I hope everyone had a great weekend as well.