Monday, March 23, 2015

Hollendale Hunnert / equinox ride / trains iowa training day 1

The last few weeks have been pretty busy for me, so busy that I got a total of 94 miles in on the bike over that time period. I was on track to have my best Trans Iowa training yet. With the winter being so mild, I was able to have above average January and February miles.  Then March hit and I went from big miles to no miles.

                Lucky for me, there is about 5 weeks left till go time. So Trans Iowa training day 1 was restarted Saturday, with a hundred miler through the “driftless.”
Driftless : free from glacial drift.  (aka: big hills)

Good Times Log Cabin in Hollendale, WI
                We left at sunrise, rode 50 miles out to Hollendale, WI(Population 230).  Then grandma cooked us lunch at an odd little bar in town, and we rode back to Madison with full bellies. 
The baby had a rough night.
Lunchtime decor

                It was a great day on the bike; I started to suffer around mile 75.  I hope my suffering was just some lingering sickness and not an indication of my current fitness.  Either way the group was riding strong Saturday.
                Good times, good suffering.