Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Treadfest 2014

Every year for the last few years or so I have gone to Treadfest in Lake Geneva, WI.  It is less than a half hour from my house and is a lot of fun, so it would take a pretty important event to keep me from returning next year.

I felt like I ran a pretty good race, pushing balls to the wall on the start and getting into the mix, but that quickly caught up to me and the second lap was very, very painful.

I was a little surprised when I finished and saw I was in 36th place, and last in my age group, but I guess that is how it goes sometimes.  I did really well in cat 2 last year, but the cat 1 is a different game.

Evan got to do the kids race, which is a pretty cool event.  A whole pack of kids on striders and little bikes.  They said ready, set, go! and he looked around confused while everyone else took off.  I had to remind him its go time.  He weaved through the crashed kids and had a great time.  So that was pretty cool.

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