Sunday, December 29, 2013

Riding the Wintertide

No doubt about it, riding in the winter is tough.  I am still not that excited about my face mask freezing to my face (kinda like the kid that stuck his tongue on the frozen metal pole), or my bike parts getting destroyed by corrosion.  Even with that, winter is the prettiest time of year to ride.

The snowy conditions make for some pretty cool pictures, even though its the same cell phone camera I used in the Summer.  I can tell you though, it looks way better in person.

There are a few things that I have found to make it easier to get out in the cold.  I am no expert winter rider that is for sure, but I have picked up a couple ideas from other riders along the way.

#1.  Single speed is warm.  Slower speeds and harder work result in higher temps inside the jacket.

#2 Good gloves.  Jay gave me some Gore gloves this year that are top notch.  I have ridden in -22 windchill and the hands were not my issue.  (I was more worried about my eyes freezing shut)

#3. Good shoes.  This is my weakness and the number 1 reason I return to warmth early.

#4. Don't worry about how far or how long you make it.  A certain amount of suffering is good, but don't be hard on yourself if you are just to cold to keep going.  At least your out there doing it.

Winter riding... it's worth the pain.

Except for today, I'll be on the indoor trainer.  Its to windy. Ha!


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