Sunday, September 22, 2013

Geneva Cross and Canopy Tours

Last Sunday we went to Geneva cross in Lake Geneva to watch.  It had rained all day, and I had never been to a cyclocross race before so I wanted to check it out.

When the riders would go by you could hear the mud and sand grinding away at their chain and cassettes.  Even with the sounds of grinding gears and squealing brakes I was a little jealous not to be out there.  I will be doing the cyclocross race in Woodstock on November 10th, its part of the Chicago Cyclocross Cup.

I cleared the can, once.
After watching the race, later in the week I decided to work on my cyclocross skills, in the front yard.  I don't know if I am good enough to consistently bunny hop a barrier in a race every lap.  I will keep practicing and just have to see how the course looks.

Today I wasn't planning on doing much of anything other than cleaning up from Evan's second birthday party, instead I got a text from Jay.  The conversation went like this...

The orange paint on this bike looks way better in person.  In the sun it SHINES!
    So I gathered my things and hopped on the macho man.  I'm thankful Jay got me off my butt.

With the road construction this side of the 4-lane road was open to me!

We went up to Canopy Tours in Lake Geneva.  They have mountain bike trails that twist around under the zip line tours they put on.  I rode up there on the road then road around with Jay on the offroad trails and took the road back home.  The All City Macho Man from Wheel Werks can do it all.

-David Swanson

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